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Contributing to gender equality
and inclusive WASH

Community members collecting water prior to having access to reliable services, Timor-Leste. Credit: WaterAid/Tom Greenwood

The UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures is leading three Water for Women research projects to address key gaps in evidence and guidance for practitioners and policy-makers, working in collaboration with local partners in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal and Timor-Leste.

Contributing to global debates on how to better address and measure gender equality and women’s empowerment in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, these projects also address major challenges facing the WASH sector, including climate change and increasing citizen voice in gaining access to services.

Women meeting as part of a sanitation cooperative in Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo credit: Tri Lestari Wahyuning Utami

Water for Women is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

About Water for Women

UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures was awarded three WASH Research Awards as part of the Water for Women Fund, which supports civil society organisations (CSOs) to implement gender and socially inclusive WASH projects in Asia and the Pacific.

WASH Research Awards are for high-quality, policy-relevant research that is available, accessible and communicated to the policy development and program design community in Australia, Asia, the Pacific and the global WASH sector.


Why WASH research?

“Research is a key pathway for development innovation and to inform policy-making and program delivery. Investments in research facilitate access to diverse partnerships and networks, contributing to Australia’s aid policy and wider diplomatic engagement in partner countries. Providing access to high-quality research and analysis that addresses key WASH sector gaps assists partner governments, private sector and civil society to improve access to these essential services. In short, research will assist in developing better, more sustainable outcomes in WASH delivery.”

– Water for Women Fund

About ISF

The UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures works with industry, government and civil society organisations to create change towards sustainable futures through research and consultancy.

For over two decades our work has supported better water and sanitation policy, advocacy and practice in developing countries.

We are Asia-Pacific experts with 20 years’ experience working across urban and rural areas of countries within our region. Our WASH expertise further benefits from our position in an institute at the forefront of research into global water systems, energy, resource futures and climate change.

Learn more about our wider programs of WASH and development-focused research.


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